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The Leading Junk Yard in Town
Loyally serving Portland, ME; Boston, MA; Portsmouth, NH; and Beyond

At Berwick Iron and Metal Recycling, our owners have been in the metal recycling business since 1988. They launched the company to serve those in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts who wanted to sell their scrap metal.

Dedicated to providing the best service in the area, we now feature an extensive list of accepted metals. On top of that, we offer container service in case you would like us to pick up any scrap metal at your facility. We can even complete mobile shearing service!

The next time you need to get rid of your scrap metal and junk automobiles, be sure to call Berwick Iron and Metal Recycling for further information and rates.

Junk Yard Portland, ME

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Scrap Metal is used to complete all sorts of projects!
  • Parts for cars, airplanes, bicycles, and other modes of transportation
  • Foundations/beams for buildings, railways, ships, roads and bridges
  • Cans and other containers
  • Hammers, wire, and other tools
  • Jewelry, artwork, sculpture, and other creative applications
  • Appliances and furniture such as gliders, benches, fixtures and lighting

Visit the Services page to see the list of scrap metal that we do and do not accept or give us a call at (207) 698-9933 today!

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